The Benefits of Aluminium Window Frames

Out of all the window frame materials available, aluminium is possibly a bit of a dark horse. It tends to be timber or uPVC that first occurs when homeowners consider their next window designs – especially for more standard or period residential or commercial properties. Aluminium is perhaps most typically used in outdoor patio, French and bifolding doors for modern homes. But sleek, safe and flexible aluminium frames look remarkable in all types of residential or commercial properties and offer unbelievable practical benefits for property owners– whether you own a Victorian-style townhouse, or a rustic cottage or ultra-modern barn conversion.


Aluminium has exceptional thermal efficiency qualities, and double-glazed aluminium windows can help your home achieve a much better overall energy-efficiency rating. As making your home feel warm and cosy, this suggests that you do not have to rely so much on central heating. As such, aluminium windows can help with lowering your energy costs and keeping costs down. This likewise has environmental benefits, as reducing central heating decreases your CO2 emissions and can substantially decrease your carbon footprint.

Long lasting

Another benefit of aluminium is that it is incredibly durable and resistant to denting or severe climate condition– with no opportunity of it swelling, splitting or rotting. Aluminium windows can last approximately 45 years, with little upkeep needed to keep them in good condition.


With aluminium windows, you do not need to apply treatment or perform routine upkeep to keep them looking fantastic and functioning efficiently– the finish on the frames suffices to secure them. If you ever need to get them fixed (e.g. because they have actually been harmed throughout a burglary), then expert glaziers can do this effectively, budget friendly and without inconvenience.


Do not be put off by thinking that aluminium frames just comes in contemporary shades of grey and silver. Aluminium windows can be fully customised to attain the appearance you desire in your house– whether that’s with a strong colour or a subtle wood grain finish for a genuine timber result. There are a wide variety of colours and finishes available to match your style and house.

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Dormer Windows

A dormer window is a vertical window that sits within the slope of an angled roof. It is identified by having a little pitched roof of its own, which juts out from the rest of the property. They are generally associated with homes but can be tailored to look incredible on duration and contemporary houses of all kinds. Here’s everything you might wish to know.

The ideal positioning

When producing a dormer, positioning and percentage are everything. The perfect dormer (and, as such, the dormer window) is located just less than midway up the pitch of the roof, and need to be proportionate to the size of the roofing system and pick up on the designs utilized throughout the remainder of the building. Likewise, the dormer window need to show the design of the house and match the other windows. If the main windows have glazing bars, the dormer windows ought to also feature glazing bars; if the primary window frames are finished with an English Oak wood grain, then the dormer windows ought to have the same surface. This will make sure the dormer mixes beautifully with the home instead of standing out for the incorrect reasons.

Window shape

When selecting a window for your dormer, a great technique is to look at the shapes that are currently present in your house’s style and duplicate these with the windows. If you live in a Georgian-style residential or commercial property with lots of balanced lines and straight edges, then a square or rectangular dormer is most likely best. If your house has curves or unusual architectural shapes, then you may like to fit an arched dormer or one that replicates the special angles of your home. The very same chooses performance– if tilt-and-turn windows or sash windows are utilized throughout the rest of the home, then you might like to fit them in the dormer for consistency of style. Eventually, as with any extension or conversion, the goal is to make the brand-new dormer windows appear like a natural extension of the existing ones. We supply and fit windows in locations including Wandsworth, Richmond and all throughout Surrey.

Planning Permission

It is extremely most likely that you will require to get planning consent before you can develop a dormer in your home as it is an extension of your property. This will certainly be the case if your home is located within a conservation area, as there will be development rules in location. 

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Dealing with Condensation on Your Windows

During the winter season, it’s typical to awaken to condensation on your windows. As you sleep, the warm air that you breathe out relies on moisture when it hits the cold glass. Condensation can happen at any time of the day – especially if there are a number of people in one room, you’re using the tumble clothes dryer, or you’re cooking something that’s developing steam. Keeping condensation at bay doesn’t indicate leaving the windows open all day (that would be freezing!). There are some simple things you can do every day to stop it forming.

Why is condensation a problem?

Wetness in the house is never ever an advantage, whether it’s the result of condensation on your windows or a leakage in your roofing. It can pick your walls, ceiling and floorings and trigger concerns with damp. If mould begins to form, this can be bad for your health and, ultimately, lead to structural damage within your home– as well as that, it just looks horrible and unpleasant.

Install trickle vents (and keep them open).

A great way to keep condensation at bay is to set up drip vents in your windows. In fact, the Building Regulations state that sufficient ways of ventilation needs to be provided in all brand-new houses, so, if you’ve recently had actually double glazing fitted, then it’s most likely that you currently have drip vents. If so, keep them open – they will improve airflow in your residential or commercial property and aid to prevent condensation forming, without requiring you to have the window totally open.

Use a dehumidifier

If you discover that the air in your home feels especially wet, you could utilize a dehumidifier for an hour approximately each day. This draws the wetness from the air to stop it choosing your windows or walls. Effective times to do this are first thing in the morning and prior to bed.

Wipe condensation away regularly

It is essential to clean your windows if they have condensation on them, so that the moisture doesn’t run into the frames or onto the carpet. Timber frames are particularly susceptible to moisture-related damage and can break, swell or begin to rot if not treated.

Condensation inside your glazing?

If you have discovered that condensation is forming inside your window (as in, between the two glazing panes), then this is a sign that the seal has actually broken. The only option in this case is to have the window replaced; however do not worry: this is simple, quick and cost effective to arrange.

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Just How Often Should You Change Your Windows?

The frequency of home window replacement ultimately depends on the quality of the windows fitted as well as exactly how you have actually preserved them. Sometimes, home window replacement can also be affected by the stress and anxiety the climate causes on a property.

For example, if your home is near a cliff admit it would be prone to high winds and hefty rain, whilst properties in protected locations might be exposed to less extreme conditions as well as home windows would be extra protected from weathering as well as disintegration.

As a whole, though expert home window firms concur that brand-new, quality home windows need to last between 15- twenty years. Many home window companies without a doubt provide a lifetime service warranty of 20-25 years.

Although most windows are anticipated to last between 20-25 years, you can choose any kind of home window.It is necessary to buy your home windows from a credible home window firm as well as comply with the upkeep guidelines. That way, you will ensure your home windows are long-lasting as well as will be staying clear of issues such as dripping, dampness, mould and even more …

How do you know when it is time to replace your windows?

  • Windows might leak water into the home.
  • There will be problems with the components and also installations.
  • There may be mould or mildew around the sides.
  • UPVC home windows might discolour.
  • Wooden home windows will certainly show indications of degeneration.
  • Replacement Windows, need emergency boarding up.

Our wood home windows are very excellent quality as well as we supply our consumers with installment as well as maintenance instructions to make sure that the home windows are as resilient as they can be.

We have a series of windows so that you can locate a window for whatever area of the house you such as, consisting of loft windows, gliding sash home windows and more.

What are the most effective windows for a residence?

While it isn’t easy to state which home windows are simply the most effective for a house, adhering to windows are always high-rated and ideal for a selection of buildings:.

  • Wood dual hung.
  • Wood casement.

Three-way glazing price

Three-way glazing price

Triple polished sealed devices are extra costly to make than double glazed ones, as there is an added chamber to argon gas fill, an additional pane of unbreakable glass, an added spacer bar and also additional transport costs due to weight as well as dimension. Over double-glazing it simply works out as a basic added square metre cost normally at around ₤ 100 per square metre. This does mean that an average 4ft (1220mm) square home window would have around 1 sq-m glass. So this would include around ₤ 100 to an average size dual glazed window.

What is the price of a triple glazed window?

Whilst our window range is large as well as there are various systems and also product choices, if we simply stick with our basic white uPVC home window system with a number of openings in dual glazing, the set up value including VAT would certainly be around ₤ 465 (appropriate as of July 2019) therefore an equal triple polished one would certainly be around ₤ 565, so around 22% more.

Heat-loss via home windows as well as triple glazing

In the UK, homes usually lose up to 20% of warmth via the windows. So if you are altering your home windows, then suitable the most effective insulated items is most likely one of the most reasonable point to do. You would certainly require to factor in the additional price of triple glazing against the conserving in heating bills, the payback time will definitely not be over-night, that claimed a consumer as soon as informed us “We would like to live as conveniently as feasible, so we feel three-way glazing is the appropriate item for us” That choice ultimately naturally will be yours. An emergency local glazier.

Advantages of three-way glazing

There are advantages to setting up three-way glazing in your home, generally heat insulation however the essential point to bear in mind is that all three-way glazing is not the same. There are several three-way glazed systems offered however to truly obtain the maximum benefit, the gaps between the panes of glass must be 16mm as well as loaded with an inert gas like argon. Argon gas reduces the heat loss via the panes. If the gap is minimized after that the thermal performance of the sealed unit is decreased, unless you start to use a pricey gas like krypton. So the optimum dimension of a triple polished closed unit should be 4mm glass, 16mm voids, so in the glazing market it’s called a 4/16/4/ 16/4 device which amounts to 44mm in overall. If you just contrast the u-values (warmth losses) of the glass then the contrast in between 44mm three-way system and a 28mm double glazed unit is big. The regular centre pane u-value of the 44mm device is 0.62, the double glazed device 1.1, so over a 40% renovation.

Triple glazing Power Score

You can pick a window based upon the number of panes of glass it contains, however you should first take a look at the Home window Power Score (WER) This is a much more reputable method of forecasting how thermally efficient the windows will be once they’re set up. WER’s are the UK’s common technique for calculating just how much heat will be lost with a home window.

The WER takes into consideration the following:

Air losses through the home windows

The U-value is a computation of just how thermally reliable the whole home window is, utilizing both the glass and the framework product.

The quantity of the sunlight’s warm that goes through the glass to warm up your home. Most of the times triple glazing does not enhance solar gain over double glazing, a well-insulated window functions well at retaining heat, however not so well at permitting solar gain.