Bow Window Or a Bay Window?

If you’re seeking to produce a bright, open space in your lounge, kitchen-diner or a downstairs bedroom, bow windows are an ideal option. As letting in lots of natural sunlight and making the space look cosy and inviting, bow windows serve as a beautiful architectural function that can be discreetly dressed to blend with the design of the home or boldly accentuated to highlight them as a statement or focal point of the room’s design. Here’s a bit of information about bow windows to assist you decide whether they’re a great choice for your living space.

Bow vs Bay Window

At first glimpse, bow windows are really similar in design to bay windows. But the differences between them stand out, and can help you decide which option would be more suitable for your house. Both designs project from the wall to open the room and allow lots of natural light. Bow windows typically feature 4 or 5 panes of glass in a rounded design. They are slightly more flexible than bay windows, as they can be installed in the corner of a room to develop a wrapped-around window. Bay windows, on the other hand, generally have three panes of glass, and are more angular in shape. Bow windows have a period beauty that makes them ideal for Victorian homes (or residential or commercial properties trying to find a touch of period elegance), while bay windows tend to fit modern homes. Naturally, there are no guidelines when it comes to picking windows, and both choices look remarkable in many designs of house!

A Bright and Airy Space

Bow windows are a beautiful alternative for brightening up your home, and they are also excellent for ventilation,  making the room feel fresh and lively. It is common for bow windows to be fitted with casement windows at each end, which can be opened to let the air circulation in. Some individuals select moving side windows instead of sash designs– it is really up to you.

Frame that view

If your home keeps an eye out onto a nice view, then setting up bow windows will help you make the most of it. The large areas of glass will enhance your view and frame it magnificently within your house– so that you can stroll into the room and enjoy the charming view on a daily basis!

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